It’s all about sharing

There’s nothing like a good tale of adventure!


I’ve been travelling around the world for more than 10 years now, living my dream and being fulfilled with crazy experiences: flying over 7000m over the Himalayas, crossing Africa from North to South, travelling around the Pacific on a sail boat… Adventure speaks to my heart and will stay with me for a lifetime. This lifestyle has given me incredible stories and taught me lessons I will never forget. After each expedition, I would spend hours sharing every detail of my journey with friends and family.  It soon became an essential part of my life: sharing my dreams. It made much more sense to go out there, explore the world with my paraglider, lose myself into the wild and come back to testify what is beyond our walls and how good it feels to be out of your comfort zone.

Giving conferences offers a great way to raise awareness and understanding of other cultures, sports, nature and life abroad. When doing so, I like to share real life experiences emphasized with great visual content (high definition photos and videos shot by our team during our adventures). What I mostly want to convey is that life is an adventure itself and you can live fully as long as you are driven by what you do. You soon realize how close the parallelism is between an entrepreneur (for example) and an adventurer. Dare to take risks, manage stress, or be a good team leader; many are the steps both parts have to focus on in order to successfully achieve their goals. We thought we had to go further, this is is why my friend Olivier Kahn and I wrote the book: “L’aventure de la création d’entreprise”.

Your conference will always be unique. It will rely on accurate stories experienced during the latest adventures.
That way, you will never hear twice the same speech.

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