Ever since we started sailing in 2017, I knew that one day, I would have to experience sailing all by myself. One year and a half later, there I was. Sailing from the Canary Islands to the Azores... alone.

Before setting sails, I had a lot to do onboard. Starting by taking the mast down and replace the spreaders. This task took me at least three days. I spend hours fixing, replacing and cleaning until the final moment came. The only thing that was left was getting fresh food for my trip.

I went to the local market in Tenerife and got some veggies, fruits, pasta, rice, chocolate and granola, and basically, all my favorite snacks. Also, I counted on the sea to deliver one good fish or two 😉

On my first day at sea, I couldn’t help to look back at how everything started. I remember the first time I thought about getting a boat to sail around the world. That was 5 years ago! Time literally flies.

Five days at sea by yourself seems like a really long time. Yet, there is always something to do onboard and you have little time to get bored. When I’m not adjusting sails or checking the weather forecast, I tried to get as much sleep as possible. I listen to podcasts or music, I read a lot or I just sit outside and stare at the beautiful waves.

One night, half way through my crossing, I woke up suddenly feeling like the boat was out of control. The auto-pilot has stop working. I looked into the installation and luckily, found that it was a minor issue. The engine bolt broke, so I took a spare one and quickly replace it. Everything went back to normal and I went to get some rest.

I arrived to Santa Maria (Azores) five days later. It was 2 AM and Sofia and Jack were waiting for me. My heart was bursting with love and I felt proud of myself to have accomplished this dream.

5 Days at Sea... Alone
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