After the Red Bull X-Alps, Sofia, Jack and I flew back to the Azores to get back on board the Search. We wanted to explore the islands and experience the day to day life of Azoreans. Arriving to Faial, we were warmly welcomed by our good friends Fred Buyle, Delphine Simon and Jonas Gerckens. It’s funny how three Belgians, practicing very different sports, find each other in the middle of the Atlantic. I’m always proud to discuss with passionate Belgians who manage to push the limits of their sports in which they already excel! We were then joined by our production team and sailed to Flores and Corvo. These two islands are the most remote from the rest of the archipelago and are on the North American tectonic plate. Both islands have a spectacular vegetation and are full of waterfalls. One day, we got to live an incredible experience: swimming with blue sharks. Fred Buyle brought us to his universe under water and explained us everything there is to know about sharks and the unfair label that has been given to them. These extraordinary creatures were the most elegant and smartest animals I’ve ever seen. Being able to get so close to them made want to take more action to protect them and keep fighting to save our planet.

Azores, we're back.
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