In October 2019, we spend the entier month in India, exploring Till Manali, Spiti Valley and Jodhpur.  We had a fantastic team: Horacio Llorens, John Stapels, Benoît Delfosse and Imbaud Verhaegen.  The idea was to accomplish a long bivouac flight from Bir-Billing to Spiti Valley.  

India is an extraordinary country. It holds an extremely rich culture, full of diversity with some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. I have been dreaming about going back there, and keep exploring its secret spots, secluded and wonderfully lost.

Along the SEARCH Projects team and Red Bull India, we decided it was about time to get our gliders and explore the North part of India.

As a pilot, flying in India has the particularity to face you to new challenges. You encounter such difficult situations (strong turbulences, no landing options, big wind) that you need to stay focused a 100% and fly at your best. Along with Horacio, we worked as a team and stayed together no matter what.

This expedition has brought, once again, the essence of the SEARCH Projects: putting our sport back into the heart of adventure.

Exploring INDIA
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