the Boat

Fair winds and following seas.


After my expedition to the Pacific Islands, Sofia and I started dreaming about life at sea. We wanted to create a mobile base camp that would help us reach those truly unattainable places. Inviting other athletes on board, we would use a sailboat to explore the world and stop at every destination to fly our paragliders and discover other sports.

Getting the ship ready

Three months, 91 days and countless brush strokes. When passion takes over, there’s almost nothing we can do to calm the excitement. The SEARCH sailboat went through a massive transformation from its old whitish color, sadly covered in moss, to a sparkling brand new boat. We have met the nicest people at the Brussels shipyard and were warmly welcomed into this new community. Their sense of solidarity is what makes this experience so rich and has helped us rapidly progress, while facing many challenges during the renovation process.

First crossing, from Belgium to Majorca

We left the Brussels Royal Yacht Club on July 22nd. With five people on board, Sofia and I had the ideal crew to help us get familiar with our new mobile base camp. Everyday, we would learn something new. It’s wonderful to learn a new discipline from scratch, noticing our progress throughout the weeks. After seven years out of the water, the boat is glad to be back where she’s supposed to be.

During our crossing, we discovered a few technical problems which made us stop in Lorient, at La Base des Sous-Marins. We spent three days working on some final arrangements and fixing what was damaged. Now that SEARCH Projects has gone through its final tuning, we’re ready to enjoy the seas!

Restoring the Boat
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